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Truck Accidents

Greg Baumgartner is an experienced Austin truck accident lawyer who has handled commercial vehicle accidents for more than 25 years.

Commercial vehicle accidents require a little bit different analysis than a car to car accident. Professional truck drivers are licensed as professionals and are required to operate under many different rules and regulations that apply to make the roads safer for drivers of vehicles that can weigh up to 80,000 pounds.

It is very important that the attorney you select to help you in a commercial vehicle accident be experienced in truck accident litigation. Mr. Baumgartner has handled literally hundreds of semitruck and tractor-trailer accidents over the last two decades.

Trucking companies also known as motor carriers are required to ensure that their drivers are adequately trained and follow the truck regulations. Additionally, motor carriers are required to make sure that all the trucks in their fleet are in safe and proper operating condition at all times there on the roadway.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations cover the majority of truck drivers in the state of Texas. A working knowledge of the regulations is essential for any attorney you are considering to help you with your case. If the attorney you are speaking to has not handled hundreds of truck accident cases or can not tell you what Section 391, Section 392 or 393 of the federal regulations covers, you probably have the wrong attorney.

Some of the most important evidence in a truck accident lawsuit comes from the actions or inactions of the truck driver and trucking company relating to the safety regulations. The safety regulations are the minimum level of acceptable safe conduct on the part of trucking companies and truck drivers.

Truck drivers because they are professional drivers are held to a higher standard than a noncommercial driver. In other words, professional truck drivers must be safer than the average commuter in order to avoid the catastrophe that happens when a big rig wrecks.

Often, it is the violation of the safety rules that are the most powerful and important evidence other than damages in a semi truck accident case.

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