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Personal injury lawsuits can involve many different types of injuries. Some of the more common injuries include:

Spinal Cord

Head or Brain Injury


Wrongful Death

Some of the more common types of accidents include:

On-the-job injuries
Slip and fall accidents
Automobile accidents
Semi truck wrecks
Accidental fire
Dangerous or defective products
Boating accidents
ATV or recreational vehicle accidents
Premises liability accidents

Compensation can vary, depending on the factual circumstances and the injury and the specific accident. Personal injury victims should speak to a qualified and experienced personal injury attorney as soon as possible after an accident.

There are always three factors which are evaluated in any given circumstance relating to compensation for a personal injury. They are, liability, damages and ability to pay.

Liability factors include what the person or entity did wrong that caused the accident or injury. Trial attorneys like to have a one paragraph approach to explaining a case. Many lawyers use a sentence such as “this accident occurred because…” . In other words liability is the evaluation done to determine what the person or company did wrong. Generally, the person or company must have a legal duty in order for liability to attach.

Damage factors include such things as physical pain, mental anguish, physical disability, physical impairment, lost wages, reasonable and necessary medical expenses which were actually paid or incurred and can also include such things as punitive or exemplary damages and wrongful death or survival damages. Additionally, medical expenses in the future which are necessary to care for the injury victim are also considered in appropriate cases.

Ability to Pay

This is an important factor in many different personal injury cases. Most individuals cannot pay a judgment rendered against them and would simply file bankruptcy to discharge a case if that option were available to them as opposed to making monthly payments for lifetime because of a mistake. Insurance coverage is a big part of an evaluation on personal injury case. In Texas, it is very difficult to actually recover damages more than insurance available in any given accident.

In some cases, there was plenty of insurance and that is not a question. In other cases the available insurance is woefully inadequate. We always suggest that everyone obtain full coverage insurance on their own automobile insurance policy, and include a healthy limit for uninsured or underinsured motorist coverage.

Texas has a very high percentage of uninsured drivers and often a personal injury victim will be realistically limited to what is available under their own insurance policy when they are in an accident with an uninsured driver.

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If you or loved one have been seriously injured in an accident have questions regarding what to do next or your legal rights and options contact the best personal injury attorney can find to evaluate your case.

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