Pool Accidents & Drowning Lawyer

Pool accidents and negligence claims

Swimming pool accidents and accidental drowning can happen in a matter of moments. In the time it takes to answer a phone or answer the door in a child can drown in a swimming pool or other source of water.

Many swimming pool accidents occur in apartment complexes and other pools that are open to the public. The swimming pools must meet certain safety regulations including those of the recent law known as the Virginia Graeme Baker Act. that act was established to make swimming pools safer for the public and to avoid unnecessary drowning accidents by an entrapment in the drain.

Many swimming pool accidents and accidental drownings could have been avoided with appropriate safety equipment for the swimming pool. These type of accidents can happen at water parks, hotels and apartment complexes.

Drowning unfortunately is a leading cause of death for children under the age of six. In the summertime, smooth wall accidents occur on an ever increasing basis and each year we lose many children to drowning.

Not all drowning incidents result in a death. Many children are seriously injured and accidents where they almost drown and a traumatic brain injury can easily occur due to the loss of oxygen.

Every day in the United States several children drown. And for each fatality there are several injuries were the victim must seek medical treatment from an almost drowning.

Surprisingly, many drowning accidents occur in public facilities where lifeguards are actually on duty.

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