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Many families rely upon day care centers to provide for their children while the parents work. The number of day care facilities in the state of Texas has increased significantly over the past 10 years. As increasingly moms and dads had to work, the daycare facility fills a necessary need to care for the health and safety of the children for the parents.

The daycare facilities in Texas are covered by licensing standards which set the standard for the minimum level of safe conduct when dealing with children in a day care facility. These standards are required to be known by the day care center and all the day care employees.

There are many day care centers in the state of Texas that are the gold standard for caring for children. There are others that attempt to cut costs and cut corners and daycare accidents occur due to the neglect or negligence by many day care employees.

No matter how much work and family puts into researching day care facilities, there is always a chance of injury when another is caring for your child. Additionally, many families are shocked when they learn that their child has been abused at a day care center. Children are very susceptible to injury given their very nature. Close supervision is required to prevent injury by young children.

The helpless feeling a parent feels when their child gets injured is one that all of us hate. When the injury occurs because someone else was not properly supervising your child the feeling can turn to anger very quickly. When you entrust your child to a day care center you expect the day care center to properly and adequately supervise them and keep them safe.

Texas Laws For Day Care Centers

Day care facilities in Texas must meet certain minimum health and safety standards that are included in the licensing division of Texas Department of Family and Protective Services.

Some of the minimum standards include:

* Making certain that children are supervised at all times

* Making sure employees are properly trained

* Providing adequate supervision of employees

* Setting strict limits on the number of children per care giver

* Regulating field trips

* Setting basic care requirements

Licensed Day Care Centers in the state of Texas, require a center director with onsite responsibility for the operation of the childcare center. The director must ensure:

* Compliance with the minimum safety standards

* Training and evaluation of employees and substitutes

* Supervision of employees


Most daycare injury lawsuits include allegations that there was inadequate supervision of the child. The younger the child the more supervision is required to ensure that they are safe. When teachers get distracted or fail to comply with the safety standards children get hurt.

Some common daycare negligence cases include:

* Falls of Children

* Dropped Children

* Injury from play equipment

* Injury because of interaction with other children

The law in Texas for day care centers distinguishes between childcare center employees and child care center caregivers. The main difference being that caregivers require extra scrutiny in the way of preservice training to help protect children and make sure that the caregivers understand the regulations that apply to the day care center. Despite background checks and the best efforts on the part of day care supervisors or directors, some caregivers take chances with the children and when that happens children get hurt.

There are also instances where a caregiver or employee abuses a child.

Attorneys for children injured or abused the day care centers in Texas

Austin personal injury lawyer Greg Baumgartner has represented many families whose children have been injured in day care center accidents over the last 25 years. Mr. Baumgartner is intimately familiar with the daycare regulations that apply to the caregivers and the daycare facility. By handling numerous day care center accident cases, Mr. Baumgartner is uniquely qualified to help your family seek civil justice after the injury to your child.

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