Wet Weather Contributes to Accidents in Austin

It is no secret that weather conditions can contribute to cause more accidents. Whether it’s rain, high wind or even reduce visibility from drizzle, tough conditions definitely lead to accidents. The majority of car accidents that occur in wet weather or due to the driver losing control of their vehicle or failing to stop timelyRead More

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Facebook Service in Lawsuits?

Recently, a bill has been offered in the Texas legislature dealing with the possibility of service through social media sites such as Facebook. The idea is a compelling one and one that has been utilized in other countries such as Australia or Great Britain. the bill, could serve to dramatically reduce the cost of serviceRead More

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Most American consumers labor under the false notion that there are ample safeguards in place to prevent injuries from products purchased from U.S. retailers – either in brick and mortar establishments or online. Unfortunately, nothing could be further from the truth. Hundreds of products sold to unsuspecting buyers are recalled regularly – (click on theRead More

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New Bike Trails for Austin?

Austin is a model for cities across the nation that has prioritized the responsibility for providing safe, secure and serene bike trails for the enthusiast. One member of the City Council is an avid biker and is promoting 24-hour bike trail access. The Councilmember recognizes there has been a rise in bike and pedestrian accidentsRead More

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Car and Truck Insurance

As the auto and trucking industry continues to change due to a variety of factors, it should not be surprising to learn that the insurance business is morphing as well. In fact, in the next twenty years (or sooner) it may ‘look’ very different than it appears today. That is because vehicle manufacturing continues toRead More

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Austin Car Accidents

Austin is a wonderful place to live and work. The weather, the people, the rich history, the commercial and leisurely life styles beckon Americans from across the nation to set down roots in this fair place – or simply stop by for a visit. In fact, the only drawback to the area is the seeminglyRead More

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DWI Accidents Can Be Prevented

When it comes to drunk driving –there can be no dispute that we have made great progress in the last few decades combating drunk driving. It was not that long ago, in Texas, where having an “open container” was perfectly acceptable in a vehicle. In fact, many high-profile politicians in Texas fought rigorously to keepRead More

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Fatal Car Accidents in Austin

For all of its allure; Austin is struggling with an increase in vehicle collision fatalities this year. As of December 5th there have been 71 deaths caused by car and truck accidents. This figure represents a 70% increase in traffic fatalities from only a year before – and should have officials scrambling to discern theRead More

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Austin Fatal Accidents

Austin is one of the most endearing cities in the state – if not the country. There are so many wonderful reasons to settle down here but this does not insulate it from tragic vehicle accidents that result in fatalities. What follows are the accounts of several recent accidents in the Austin area. *A 64Read More

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Car Accidents and Right of Way

The dynamics of driving can be confusing at times. Perhaps nowhere is this more true than in a situation where one is required to ‘yield’ the right of way to another driver. There are multiple situations in which this may occur – and when it does you can expect to see a ‘yield’ sign somewhereRead More

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