If you been seriously injured in a car accident you may want to speak with an experienced personal injury lawyer before talking to an insurance adjuster about the accident and your injuries.

The Baumgartner law firm handles serious injury car accidents and fights to obtain maximum compensation for our clients.

In appropriate cases, car accident victims can be entitled to:
*pain and suffering
*lost wages
*physical disability
*mental anguish and other personal injury damages.

The vast majority of car accident cases are caused by driver inattention. Other leading causes of car accidents include:
* DWI or DUI accidents,
* Failure to keep a lookout
* Speeding
* Improper training of a commercial vehicle driver

Importance of Prompt Medical Care

One of the most important factors for a victim of a car accident is to seek prompt and proper medical treatment from a qualified doctor. Many insurance adjusters and insurance companies use a lapse in treatment or a failure to seek prompt medical treatment shortly after the accident as a reason to attempt to deny a reasonable settlement to the personal injury victim. A personal injury victim of a car accident should seek prompt medical treatment and follow their positions instructions to the letter.

Selecting an Auto Accident Attorney

Choosing a car accident lawyer is an important first up if you been seriously injured in a car accident. While there are many qualified attorneys it is important that you select the best injury attorney you can find to help you with your case. If the case cannot be settled pretrial, the litigation process can be stressful in itself and it is important that you trust and believe in the attorney you choose. Do not be afraid to interview several different law for us before you make your choice.

Experience Counts

Experience of a personal injury attorney is one of the most important criteria that you can look at when attempting to make a choice of attorneys. Not only the experience in the number of years in attorney has been handling personal injury claims but also the track record of success in handling those cases should be inquired about.

Importance of Early Consultation

A victim seriously injured in an Austin car accident should consider speaking with a lawyer as soon as possible after the accident. That will allow the attorney who is retained to preserve evidence as necessary and investigate the case while the evidence is available.

Additionally, much damage can be done to a personal injury case by someone who is attempting to handle the case on their own for several months before speaking to an attorney for the first time. The defendants insurance companies may sound friendly on the phone but they are clearly adverse to anyone that they may ultimately have to pay. The first time many learn that they really need an personal injury lawyer is when they hear what the adjuster offers for the case. Fairness is not part of the equation when dealing with an adverse insurance company.

Free Consultations

If you are loved one have been seriously injured in a car accident and would like to speak with an attorney regarding your rights and remedies available to you, call the Baumgartner Law Firm for no obligation consultation.

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