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Burn injury cases can take many forms, product liability, premises liability and of course negligence. The burn injury victim usually has significant physical pain and suffering and the medical expenses accompanying a very serious burn injury can easily reach six or seven figures. Burn injuries are a leading cause of death in the United States. Treatment for burn injuries depends upon the severity of the burns and can last many months if not years.

Treatment can include skin grafts, extensive physical therapy, mental counseling and rehabilitation. If you suffered a burn injury because of a product or the negligent conduct of another, contact the Austin injury lawyers at the Baumgartner Law Firm for a free no obligation consultation.

Causes of Burn Injury

Burns can happen in construction accidents, car fires, industrial or on-the-job accidents, apartment or home fires, scalding injuries from hot water heaters and exposure to dangerous chemicals. Each of the methods can lead to a very serious and even fatal result. Over 4000 people die in the United States each year because of fire, although most fatal fire accidents involve smoke in relation. Each year in Texas hundreds of people die from thermal burns or smoke in relation from a fire.

Life Care Planners

Typically, for very serious burn injury a life care planner is used by the injury attorney to develop a plan for future medical care for the burn injury victim. Working in conjunction with treating physicians, a life-care planner estimates the needs and cost of future medical expenses of the victim. Burn injury victims typically have substantial medical treatment requirements when the burns are third degree burns. Reconstructive surgery and skin grafts are some of the most traumatic and painful medical treatment of any personal injury victim.

Burn Injury Lawsuits

Studies have shown that serious burn injury lawsuits have historically provided significant jury verdicts when the jury has found liability on the defendant.

Since the days of the Ford Pinto car fire cases and the General Motors pickup trucks with in-cab gas tanks and sidesaddle gas tanks, many burn injury jury verdicts have made national headlines. Almost everyone has suffered some type of burn and knows the painfulness of even a minor burn. With the permanent damages and future medical care, burn injury victims have a long hard road of recovery in many instances. Texas juries seem to understand what a burn injury victim must go through on an every day basis.

Some of the more common burns are:

* Electrical burns – contact with electrical wires, damaged electrical cords or even defective outlets can cause electrical burns and/or electrocutions.

* Scalding Burns- many children are burned each year in scalding accidents in hot bathtubs or showers. Often, a code violation may provide a breach of a duty by a landlord or another entity when there is a scalding burn to an infant.

* Chemical burns – on-the-job injuries or explosions can cause chemical burns when someone is exposed to toxic chemicals.

* Thermal burns – are common from exposure to flames and can occur in house fires, apartment fires, gasoline fires, explosions caused by propane or other flammable liquids such as gasoline which can be found in many car fires or truck fires.

When a burn injury results in a fatality, the question of whether or not the victim survived the initial event can be a big issue in a burn injury wrongful death lawsuit. Typically, such factors as smoke inhalation which are shown in an autopsy are utilized to provide some evidence that the burn victim was still breathing after the accident. Eyewitness testimony can be very important in showing that a burn injury victim survived the initial fire or explosion. Defendants work very hard to try to prove the decedent died instantly to attempt to avoid survival damages.

Burn injury lawsuits tend to be very serious lawsuits. Consultation with the best Austin injury attorney you can find is a good first step and the sooner you contact a burn injury attorney the better. Steps need to be taken immediately to preserve important evidence in many burn injury cases.

The Baumgartner Law Firm has handled numerous burn injury cases over the last 25 years with an exceptional track record.

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